Customising your uni room

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Buy a Yankee candle that holds your favourite smell. They last a long time and even if they aren’t lit, they still make your room smell nice.

Cushions and Bedsheets:
Whether it’s your favourite covers from home or if you want to get rid of the embarrassing sheets and start afresh, bedcovers are pretty much the best way to make your room yours. Even if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can find the right covers that not only look good but will make you want to stay in bed all day (not advised if you have lectures).

If you already have posters in your room then pack them up and bring them with you because it will make you feel a lot more at home to have them with you. If not then you can probably find them anywhere or order them online, AllPosters has a wide range as does Amazon.

Whether in frames or printed, you can find somewhere to put them. Use your pin-board and fill it up. Leave a little space for work and important notices but put up all of your photos. SnapFish and other sites usually do great deals for students around September. They are always high quality prints so make the most of these deals.

Other Things:
You can make your room yours by adding anything you like, whether its fairy lights or bunting add your own little stamp to your room and make it yours. Memorabilia such as trophies, cards or anything else can make you feel more at home, even if they are from years ago (snuggly blankets are recommended too).

Alice x


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