Things my flatmates still haven’t mastered

In September I moved away from home and into what can only be described as Chesil House: a quiet yet fire alarm prone building with some very friendly security guards. This was were I met the best people to live with ever, although there are a few things that they haven’t quite mastered yet…

1. If the bin is overflowing then it probably needs emptying
2. If alcohol isn’t cleaned up off the table, it will make it sticky
3. I do not drink any tea other than Earl Grey, please do not try and convince me otherwise (John)
4. I say that I am on a diet very often but that doesn’t actually mean I am, hand me the chocolates
5. When the hob isn’t white anymore, that means it is time to clean it
6. Don’t offer to hoover or clean the kitchen, just grab a sponge and do it
7. Pre-drinks are okay as long as you clean up the next day
8. Cardboard, Glass and Plastic are RECYCLABLE
9. Please don’t move things around in the fridge, it makes it harder to remember what is actually yours
10. Sometimes Demi and I would rather watch Millionaire Matchmaker and not football or Top Gear
11. Unless it is in the cookie jar or has been offered to you, DON’T eat my food
12. Please don’t put things on the top shelf, I can’t reach and it’s not fun to have to climb up on the sides all the time
13. Sometimes I like to be alone, it doesn’t mean that I am in a mood, I just want peace
14. Think up some new drinking games, Grid of Death and Fifa can get tiresome
15. Demi and I are not that scary, we do love you really

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These are just little things, when you look at the bigger picture, everything is good.
If it wasn’t I wouldn’t even be thinking about living with this crazy lot again next year.

Alice x


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