Chesil House

Living in halls: The Reality

As seen in my part one, halls isn’t always fun and games,
but there are some benefits…

1. There is almost always something to do to avoid revision or work
Walk into the kitchen and someone will be there that you can talk to, you don’t even need a TV anymore, just pretend the floor is lava

Jenna Marbles

2. Sunday is lazy day no matter what flat you are in
this means you don’t have to feel embarrassed about walking around in your pyjamas, onesie or tracksuit because everyone else is doing the same

New Girl

3. The security guards are basically family
they all have nicknames (Mr Smiley is our favourite) and even when John’s radiator exploded and put water everywhere, one of them joined in on the banter and took the piss

4. Jokes and pranks always happen
you just need to see this post to understand some of the things that happen

5. Washing Machine friends
You’re waiting for your washing to finish and someone walks in to collect their’s,
automatic bond

500 Days of Summer gif Alice x


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