When I worked for the BBC

This week, I have been living the Hotel life in Luton.
And why was that?

I managed to get myself some work experience with BBC radio 3 counties.
Everyday I would spend at least 7 hours pretending to be from the BBC in order to accomplish my days tasks.
I got to do quite a lot of journalistic things and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity.
(did I mention that I have another week in September too?)

I wanted to do a list of things to do and not do whilst on work ex. but it seems I am lacking in inspiration and nothing is coming to mind so I’ll leave you with this;

Work experience is always a bonus and looks great on your CV (bet you have heard that before) so whenever you get an opportunity to do some, even if it for a few days, take it because everything counts nowadays.

Toured Tring on the Big Tour
Toured Tring this week with Gareth

Check back in September for an update on the work ex. front.

Enjoy your summer 

Alice x

p.s I got to be on Iain Lee’s podcast this week, it’s pretty funny


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