Part-time jobs

The choice of where you can work whilst at university and what you can do is diverse.

For those of you who relish at the thought of discounts on clothes or food then retail is for you. There are tonnes of shops so you are spoilt for choice and if you do already work in a retail shop, you could ask to be transferred to one in the town where you go to uni. This is a great way to keep your job and ensure you still have some cash come the end of Freshers.

You could even apply for a job at the student bar or even the student shop at uni.

Being a student rep for the local clubs is another option, you earn money and can even make use of the discounts when you go out (your flat mates and new friends will love you for this, trust me).

For those of you who just want a little bit of extra cash every once in a while, being a student ambassador could be your thing. There is something for everyone, you could do what i do (write blogs) or help out at open days, or as a tutor or mentor at local schools. The pay varies but that all depends upon what you choose and the hours you put in, if nothing else, it looks great on your CV.

Having a part-time job at uni is all about one thing – time management, you should be able to balance the workload you have at uni with the hours you do at work. It is recommended that you do no more than 20 hours a week whilst in education.

However, it you feel as though your timetable allows you to do more and you can keep up with uni work then you can always earn those extra pennies.

Just make sure you apply in September or the end of August so you can get straight into the routine of work and uni from the start.

Alice x


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