I Can’t Stand..

I can’t stand hearing a recording of myself. 
Seeing as I am doing multimedia journalism as a degree that doesn’t bode well when I have to listen back to recordings of interviews I have done or radio packages.
Seriously, it’s like I hear myself but it sounds more manly.
I always find myself asking
“do I really sound like that?”

To which no one ever replies, making me think that actually, yes I am female but I sound like the opposite gender.
Not cool.

When it comes to watching videos of myself… 
Well if I’m 10 years old and don’t have a care in the world then that’s fine, videos of stupid things I have done whilst I was drunk however….
*insert emoji of monkey covering its eyes here*

What do you hate most, hearing a recording or watching a video of yourself?

Alice x

What other people can’t stand


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