The Icon

Shorts have been part of every girl’s wardrobe for as long as time can tell but why? Is it the fact that they allow the freedom that trousers restrict without being too revealing or is it simply that they look good and can be styled in any shape or form.

When making this collection, one thing stood out and it was this:

Shorts are iconic and everyone needs to own a pair

Whether you are more into classic style or being a little bit more adventurous there is a pair for you.

shortsCoco: Black butterfly feel leatherette, perfect for everyday wear or teamed with a pair of heels for effortless chic.

Strawberry Bon Bon and Parma Violet: Made from a light pastel satin material, these are perfect for holidaying in the sun or bringing a bit more warmth to the winter months.

Barbarella: In either gold or silver metallic, these shorts are perfect for those of you who like a little more shine and shimmer.

Find a pair that fits your style and you are on your way. Each item is made by hand and by quality, so there is little risk of disappointment.

But shorts isn’t the only thing on offer, soon to come will be more pieces in keeping with the In the Details collection which was showcased back in June so keep an eye out.

Orders can be made on Etsy or if you would like to talk to Lana herself you can send her a message on the Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow the Twitter and Instagram  pages to keep up to date with all that is happening at Lana Nalepa Clothing.

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Want to find out more about what started this whole process?
Click here.


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