Style Diary #2

Accessorising is essential to making any outfit feel complete and today I managed to bag myself a bargain
(no pun intended). 

I have been looking for a bag which is in between the size of the bags I already have which are all either too big for just my essentials or too small for a little extra.

So today, I drove my grandma and 2 cousins to the shopping centre and went in search for the perfect fit and I found it…

I am one for loving a bargain, so when we walked into Burton of London and I spotted this bag and then went to find out it had 70% off I was more than willing to part with my debit card for a few minutes to make the purchase.

IMG_4958 copy

Okay so it isn’t within my usual colour scheme
(that of black and white)
but it never hurt to add a little colour.

Today I styled it with my black jumpsuit from Next, my Topshop necklace, Pandora ring and Vivienne Westwood watch.

What are your favourite accessories and how do you style them?

Alice x


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