Summer jobs

It’s the Summer and all you want to do is go on holiday and have a good time with you friends but to do all these things
(and be able to pay for accommodation <and refreshers>)
you need money so you decide to get a Summer job.

Well that’s why I’m doing it anyway.
I am spending 6 and 1/2 weeks working at the reception of a campsite called “L’oceano D’or” which is owned by some wealthy man who basically owns a campsite empire all over France.

Want to know what it’s like working abroad in the Summer?
Here is the good, the bad and the ugly. 

The Good:
I have made friends with the other workers
I only work 6 hours for 6 days a week – free time to tan
I’m getting paid to speak to English people

The Bad:
I have to get up and be at work for 8am three days a week
I  work 6 hours for 6 days a week – not enough time to tan

The Ugly:
my boss could be called the Regina George of Campsite Directors

Summer jobs can be good but you can also end up in worse situations than I did. Honestly, at the beginning I hated working there, every day I would go to work just wishing it was the end.

I am ending my contract next week and it has gotten a lot better, just goes to prove that if you do hate something at the beginning it might not carry on.

Ever done a season abroad or planning to next year?
Let me know about your experiences

Alice x


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