Lady in Red

In the September Issue of Vogue magazine, among Cara, Naomi and the bra made of gold is an article about the power of lipstick. Every woman’s go to accessory in order to complete an outfit.

And thank God for the make-up manufacturers who realise new shades every season even if all we wear is the same colour each day.

This season, red is back and it looks here to stay. From “Russian Red” to “Poison Apple“, it seems that the colour Red comes in pretty much any shade.

I have selected 3 of my favourite shades to add to Vogue’s top 7 lipsticks in red to choose from.

Kate Moss and the “Kiss of Life” is easily applicable and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy, even though the colour is stonger it is perfect for a night out or romantic meal for two.

For those of you who are not ready to venture completely into the red world, the Chanel lipstick is perfect due to its not so dark colour when applied. It is also the one that last longest (but is also a little more pricey).

Topshop’s “red lippy” is the most disappointing of the three only because it doesn’t apply the best and feels quite waxy but if you are known for losing lipsticks or can sometimes misplace them, its low price is good as a carefree lippy to have.

And don’t forget, red lipstick leaves the best mark on a white shirt.

Alice x


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