Life at the BBC

Hello, my name is Alice fiancet and I am from BBC radio three counties…

This is how I have started almost every email and phone call I have made this week and I think I like the sound of it.

No, I have not managed to bag myself a job working for the BBC already (unfortunately) but my work experience has been an interesting one.

IMG_5352 This week I went to Princes Risborough and spoke to the local people, set up a few interviews for the coming weeks, got my cue read out on the radio and sat in on an Interview compromised of a
head teacher, a boxer and an ex-convict. 

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy and there wasn’t always something to do because, well the BBC only employ people who can work at a quick pace and get things done, so there wasn’t always a job for me but it was something I am happy to say I have done.

Alice x


Click here to hear my cue (it’s at 38 minutes in) and the interview I got to sit in and listen to.

Want to find out about my first week?
Click here


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