Signs I’m growing up

1. I don’t get scared when I go to the dentist anymore

I mean what if I have to loose all my teeth?!

2. I can ring the bank without feeling all flustered 

Phone call sass is real

3. I have to pay bills and rent

Probably the worst thing about getting older

4. I wish I was 5 without all the responsibility I have now

Seriously, can I be 5 again?

5. I am actually thinking about my future after uni as a real thing

Okay, so I lied, I have no idea what I’m doing

6. My wardrobe is more black than cheap tacky slogan T-shirts 

Band shirts, slogans, brands.. Okay I have a few but most are gone

This is the real world and we have to get there at some point but realistically

Slight exaggeration maybe?

Alice x


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