New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, as the clock strikes midnight on the 31st December, everyone decides that “this year I won’t break my new year’s resolution” and then after another (or several) round of drinks, they stumble home, waking the next day to realise they don’t remember what their resolution is.

So here is my list of 10 resolutions, I think people make and almost everyone breaks.

1. Joining the gym
You go for about 3 weeks and then realise that actually you can watch (or not)
workout DVDs at home and get the same results (or not).

2. Eating more healthily
Yeah it feels great knowing that you have eaten your 5-a-day but really all you want is
that selection box you got on offer after Christmas and those After Eights that you have been avoiding in the cupboard.

3. Drinking less
Benefits: it’s cold so you don’t have to go outside and you save yourself money
Disadvantages: people have birthdays and other celebrations and you don’t want to be the sober one
driving everyone home having to listen to people tell you they love you for buying them that toaster.

4. Taking up a new hobby
You consider it, you could start birdwatching or by a GoPro Drone and do awesome videos and then you realise that actually, you are still as lazy as you were last year and you have a million excuses as to why you are ‘too busy’.

5. Keeping things tidy
You are so sick of seeing your house in a mess and vouch to always make your bed
before you leave in the morning and keep the house spic and span.
In reality, you just throw everything that’s dirty under the bed and ignore it until you have nothing left to wear.

6. To quit smoking
You realise that there are health benefits to quitting smoking but in reality, there is nothing you like more
than a cheeky little cig when you are out and about or under a lot of stress.

7. Spending more time with your family
You have moved away from home and don’t really visit your family as much as you should, so you try and make the effort
but then you realise how much you like having your own space and Christmas will do for family time.

8. Personal TLC
To avoid all the stress from last year, you decide to take time for yourself and decide to have at least an hour a day for yourself, unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the day for you to be able to do that as well as everything else you have to do.

9. Spending less money
Since Christmas and the sales, your savings have had a little bit of a hard hit and you want to try and rectify that.
However, you have that pair of shoes you have been eyeing up and that holiday you want to go on so the savings stay the same for another year.

10. Visiting long lost friends
You have been planning to meet up with the people you went to school with for the last 5 years but still haven’t got round to it,
then you remember all their annoying traits and realise that actually you are fine for another year without them.

What resolutions have you planned to keep this year and will you?
Alice x


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