Things boys (and men) will never understand

Men often think that women whine a lot and complain too much but really they have no idea what it is like being a female.
Here is my list of things boys (and men) will never understand.

1. How annoying it is to get a ladder in your tights
Okay, so you have picked your outfit (which looks super cute) and then you get your last pair of clean tights and put them on.
As you pull them all the way to the top, you look down and see a MASSIVE ladder all the way down your leg.
Back to square one: start the whole getting ready process again

2. What it feels like to take your bra off at the end of the day
Bras are THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THING to have to wear and even the comfy ones are a joy to take off.
Let’s put this into context: It’s like wearing a pair of boxers that are so tight you feel you can’t breathe.
No bra: freedom to breathe

3. Why we buy and wear painfully high heels
Heels are essential to anyone who is under 5″7 (I’m 5″1 so heels are my saviour) for the simple reason that you can look taller and not to mention they make your legs appear to be longer. Yes, we can look like a pack of penguins but it’s for a good cause.
Highest Heels: All in the name of style (and a little extra height)

4. Periods 
Okay, this is a big one (brace yourselves)
They are painful and not very nice.
Okay so men will say that it can’t be as bad as being punched in the balls but I have reasons as for why they are, if not worse.
We don’t ask to have a period and it’s not like once in a blue moon, it’s once a month for a week, for a good 40 years.
that’s roughly speaking 3,360 days of my life spent on my period, 960 of which will be the most painful 24 hours ever.
Periods: painful and there’s nothing we can do about it.

5. Why odd numbers are bad
Okay, this is a theory me and Demi (my housemate) have developed. Women are only good in even numbers.
This is because there is always someone who you can talk to or walk with, odd numbers can mean someone gets left out.
Women: only good in even numbers

6. Why we put make-up on
Men often say women look better without make-up on and shouldn’t waste time doing it everyday (present boyfriend included), but we aren’t putting it on to impress men or anyone actually. In fact, many women put make-up on because it makes them feel a little better and can actually give them a proactive way to start their morning. But you can keep telling us that we look great without it.
Make-up: we like to make ourselves feel good

7. Why we love buying things
We don’t need that bag or those shoes that we bought last year but we might need them one day. Women buy things “just in case” something comes up or someone wants to borrow something. Women buy things to share with each other.
Okay, I lied, we buy things because we want to. 
Women and shopping: can we class it as a sport yet?

8. Why we over-pack
You and your girlfriend are going on holiday for 2 weeks, you have packed 4 pairs of shorts, 6 t-shirts and enough pairs of boxers to get you through…she has packed half of her wardrobe and may have to pay extra for baggage on the plane. Girls (especially me) don’t always plan outfits ahead, what happens if you feel like wearing something you haven’t packed?!
Over-packing: preparing you for a meltdown free holiday

9. Why we have millions of pictures that look identical to each other saved on our phones
I am of course talking about all those selfies that look exactly the same to you but actually, the angle or lighting or filter might be different. I mean, you wouldn’t want to put a picture up that didn’t make you look your best would you?
Too many selfies: essential to making us look our best (for all our fans obvz)

10. Why we complain
We are women, that’s just what we do, it is kind of like a hobby.

Have you got any other things men don’t understand?
Boys, what do you think women need to understand about you?

Alice x


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