Just a little about me

1. I love tea, like I can’t actually go a day without a cup of it, otherwise I fail to function
2. I have a diary that contains my most personal and deepest thoughts that nobody will ever be allowed access to
3. I have to have a “cuddle buddy” to be able to sleep
4. I swear by pinky promises
5. I have mild OCD… well some people might say it is an actual problem
6. I get excited really easily
7. If I have a tan I fell 10 times better about myself
8. I like going out for dinner
9. I would rather stay in my pyjamas and watch films all day than get dressed and do things
10. I am the best procrastinator ever
11. I wake up about 3 times during the night..for no reason
12. I sit in the weirdest positions
13. I like Spring Cleaning and walking round the park
14. I make a mean cup of tea
15. My music choice is stolen from others
16. I steal people’s sayings and claim them as my own
17. On the rare occasion I am actually funny no one believes it’s my own joke
18. I see Bournemouth as home and my flat mates as family
19. I am the mum of the house
20. I can make a Strawberry WooWoo in under a minute

Alice x

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