What I want my kids to know

The bigger your dream the harder you will have to work
2. Never let someone tell you that you can’t be who you want to be
3. Food will only solve your problems temporarily (food wins over anything else though)
4. Some days can be spent in your sleeping bag
5. If you ever have a problem that your grandmother can’t solve, ask Google
6. If you don’t like something, change it
7. When I find food hidden in your drawers, you can keep it
8. For your 18th we will go wherever in the world you want to go
9. Books will be a good escape from reality, trust me
10. One day, you will appreciate my protection over you just like I do with my mother
11. Judging a book by its cover can make you miss out on something great, that goes for people too
12. Sunglasses are a necessity in the summer months
13. No idea is ever too small
14. You will make mistakes but I’ll be there to help you see that they will make you the person you’re supposed to be
15. Your room doesn’t have to be tidy, so long as I can walk around it, I don’t mind
16. Pyjama days will become a family tradition
17. you won’t be watching films or playing games aimed at 18 year old’s when you are 8
18. If you want to be an astronaut, you will be an astronaut
19. Growing up isn’t easy so just take the journey as it comes
20. You’ll learn things in your own time, don’t worry

What do you want your kids to know? 
Alice x


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