Bootea Detox

So Demi and I decided that we would start of 2015 with the aim to get back into shape and look good for Summer and I had heard about this product and kind of wanted to try it out.

The product is called Bootea and it is a blend of herbs that you drink like tea to detox.
It’s a TEATOX!


On their website, Bootea has this:
All natural health & weight loss products to help kickstart your healthy lifestyle!
At Bootea, we like to encourage each and every person to feel good about themselves. Todays magazines & media have distorted what beauty is and created an impossible stereotype. We’re all about promoting a healthy body image (and this does not mean super skinny) among people of all shapes, sizes and ages. Our aim is to make a better you, for you. That is all that matters. Join the movement and start feeling Boo-Tea-Ful.

Now I hadn’t really done my research about this product or the ingredients in the tea but it basically just cleanses your body and flushes out all the bad things inside of you. Problem is… the night-time tea has laxatives in which basically means you just wanna poo.. (ikk)

At the moment, we are only on Day 3 and after having taken the nigh-time blend weren’t exactly the way they should have been but we’re carrying on with our teatox.

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If you have done a teatox or have tried the bootea detox let me know how you found it

Alice x


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